J Michael Sauder - The promise of structural genomics in the discovery of new antimicrobial agents

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  Curr Pharm Des (2002) 8: 1173-1188.

  Buchanan SG, Sauder JM, Harris T


  Structural Genomics stands out among the emerging fields of   proteomics  since it influences the drug discovery process   at so many points. Recent  developments in protein   expression technologies, x-ray crystallography  and NMR   spectroscopy provide the essential elements for   high-throughput  structure determination platforms.   Bioinformatics methods to interrogate  the resulting data   will provide comprehensive, genome-wide databases of    protein structure. Genomic sequencing and methods for   high-throughput  expression and protein purification are   furthest advanced for microbial  genes and so these have   been the early targets for structural genomics  initiatives.   The information will be invaluable in understanding gene    function, designing broad-spectrum small molecule inhibitors and   in  better understanding drug-host interactions.

  Address (URL): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12052226