Kenneth Pisarczyk - Method for supplying corrosion inhibiting zinc soln. for the interior surface of metal water pipes.      Deblois, Richard E.; Pisarczyk, Kenneth S..  (Carus Corporation, USA)

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Method for supplying corrosion inhibiting   zinc soln. for the interior surface of metal water pipes.   Deblois, Richard E.; Pisarczyk, Kenneth S.. (Carus Corporation,   USA). U.S. (2002), US 6391384 Abstract The method comprises the   steps of (I) mixing zinc ion source and aqueous phosphoric acid   to provide an aqueous phosphate mixture, and (II) adding water   into the mixture at such concentration that the transportation   rate is effective for depositing onto the interior surface of the   metal pipes. The zinc ion source selected from the group   consisting of zinc metal, zinc metal oxide and mixtures in an   amount effective for providing a zinc ion concentration of 0.05   wt% in the soln. The phosphoric acid is in an amount effective   for providing phosphate concentration < 10 wt% in the   solution, the solution having <1 wt% sulfate ions, and <1   wt% chloride ions. The aq. mixture contains <3 wt% impurities   and the aqueous phosphoric acid in an amount which is effective   for providing a solution having a pH <2 to provide a corrosion   inhibiting concentrated solution.

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