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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Articles and Publications U.S. Patents   (Named Inventor) 5,436,296 Compositions of polymeric materials   including polyalkylene terephthalates and polyethylene 5,271,843   Chlorine-tolerant, thin-film composite membrane 5,145,584   Processes for using a thin film composite ultrafiltration   membrane 5,085,775 Thin film composite ultrafiltration membrane   5,013,448 Processes for the preparation of chlorine-resistant   polyester semipermeable membranes 4,932,986 Crosslinked gas   selective membranes 4,880,545 Ultrafiltration membranes and a   method for the separation of sugars using the same Technical   Synthesis and characterization of a multiblock copolymer of   poly(N-isovaleryl ethyleneimine) and poly(ethylene glycol): J.   Polymer Science, Polym. Chem. Ed., 26, 3043-3069 (1988) Effect of   impurities on cellulose acetate membrane performance: Recent   Advances in Separation Techniques-III, AlChE Symposium Series No.   250, 82 (1986) Synthesis of bifunctional monodisperse   poly(N-isovaleryl ethyleneimine): J. Polymer Science, Polym.   Chem. Ed., 24, 1455-1461 (1986) Block copolymers of poly(ethylene   glycol) and poly(N-isovaleryl ethyleneimine) -; Kinetics of   initiation: ACS Symposium Series No. 286, Ring-Opening   Polymerization (1985) Preparation and characterization of   p-toluene sulfonyl ester and amino derivatives of tri- and   poly(ethylene glycol): J. Polymer Science, Polym. Chem. Ed., 22,   1623-1632 (1984) Legal "To Successfully Enforce Your Patent Do   Not Let Form Triumph Over Substance While Writing The Patent,"   Published Online by EzineArticles, August 23, 2006 "To Crush Your   Competition A Strong Patent Is Important -; Learn How and Why,"   Published Online by EzineArticles, August 15, 2006 "The Patent   Office's Proposed New Rules For Disclosing Prior Art Could   Increase Patent Applicant's Burden," Published Onlined by   EzineArtcles, July 28, 2006 "Are You Prepared To Face The Patent   Office As It Is Going To Grant Only Narrow Patents?" Published   Online by Ar

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