John Ponton - Six-Membered Ring Annulation via a Conjugate Addition/Alkylation Sequence Using Functionalized Aryllithium Reagents and Vinyl Sulfones, John Ponton, Paul Helquist, Preston C

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Six-Membered Ring Annulation via a   Conjugate Addition/Alkylation Sequence Using Functionalized   Aryllithium Reagents and Vinyl Sulfones, John Ponton, Paul   Helquist, Preston C. Conrad, Phillip L. Fuchs, Journal of Organic   Chemistry, 1981, 46, 118 Preparation of Lactone Systems. Total   Synthesis of (+/-) Quadrone, W.K. Bornack, S. S. Bagwat, J.   Ponton, P. Helquist, Journal of the American Chemical Society,   1981, 103,1981 Alumina Accelerated Methanolysis and Hydrolysis of   Acyl and Phosphoryl Fluorides, G. H. Posner, J. W. Ellis, J.   Ponton, Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 1981, 19, 191 Synthesis of   vinyl carbonates for use in producing vinyl carbamates, Allen;   David Lewis, Henry; Heather Fort, Cahill; Becky Lynn, Ponton,   Jr.; John, Church; Kathryn Marie, US Patents 6,284,911,   6,362,363, and 6,423,862. Additional patent eligible work was   performed at Oak-Bark. Oak-Bark is in the process of deciding if   they will proceed with filing a patent for this work.

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