Theodore Provder -       17.     T. Provder, J. C. Woodbrey, J. H. Clark and E. E. Drott, "Gel Permeation Chromatography Calibration. II. Preparative GPC Fractionation and Chara

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 17. T. Provder, J. C. Woodbrey, J. H.   Clark and E. E. Drott, "Gel Permeation Chromatography   Calibration. II. Preparative GPC Fractionation and   Characterization of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) for Calibration in   2,2,2-Trifluoroethanol", Advances in Chemistry Series 125,   Polymer Molecular Weight Methods", Edited by Myer Erzin, American   Chemical Society, Washington, D.C. (1973), pp. 117-137. 18. R. M.   Holsworth, T. Provder, A. Ramig, "Physical Characterization of   Coatings Upon Aging", Journal of Paint Technology, 46, 76 (1974).   19. D. C. Haeske and T. Provder, "Minicomputer Automation of   Multi-Instrument Physical Chemistry Laboratory. I. Management   Science Methodology Used in System Definition Specification and   Functional Design", ASTM Special Technical Publication 578, 102   (1975), "Computerized Laboratory Systems". 20. T. Provder,   Editor, Polymer Characterization Proceedings (1975), "Polymer   Characterization Conference", sponsored by Cleveland State   University (May, 1974). 21. T. Provder and C. Kuo, "Application   of Multiple Detector GPC to the Compositional and Molecular   Weight Distribution Analysis of Multicomponent Polymers", ACS   Organic Coatings and Plastics Chemistry Preprints, 36, (2), 7   (1976). 22. R. M. Holsworth, T. Provder and J. A. Frijouf,   "Application of Liquied Chromatography to the Analysis of   Coatings Systems", Ibid, 36 (2), 33 (1976). 23. T. Provder and R.   M. Holsworth, "Particle Size Distribution Analysis by Disc   Centrifuge Photosedimentometry", Ibid, 36 (2), 150 (1976). 24. R.   M. Holsworth and T. Provder, "Use of Scanning Electron Microscopy   for the Analysis of Coatings Systems", Ibid, 36 (2), 227 (1976).   25. R. D. Athey, Jr., T. Provder, G. W. Poehlein and J. Schulere,   "Hydrodynamic Volume Evidence for Swellability of   Styrene-Butadiene Carboxylated Latexes", submitted as "Letter to   Editor", Colloid and Polymer Science. 255, (10) (1977).

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