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  Macromolecules, 2008, 41 (9), pp 3169–3174

  Two Poly(2,5-thienythiazolothiazole)s: Observation of Spontaneous   Ordering in Thin Films

  Authors: Naraso (Borjigin), and Fred Wudl




  Figure 6. UV−vis absorption and PL emission spectra of polymers   in chloroform.


  Figure 11. Crystal structure of compound 4a: (a)   top view and side view of the molecule; (b) molecular packing.


  Figure 12. X-ray diffraction of drop-cast thin films of monomers   4a, 5a and polymers   4b, 5b.

  The synthesis and properties of two new polymers based on   thiazolothiazole are described. The polymers dissolve in common   organic solvents such as chloroform and chlorobenzene. Their   molecular weights are in the kDa range with polydispersities on   the order of 1.1−1.3 as determined by GPC. The X-ray crystal   structure of one monomer was determined. Interplanar π−π   interaction and short S···N contacts (3.20 Å) were observed in   the crystal. The monomers and polymers strongly fluoresce in   solution. Their quantum yields range from 23 to 55% relative to   9,10-diphenylanthracene and rhodamine B. Contrary to expected   polymer behavior, the polymers are unusual in that they   self-assemble upon drop-casting. The thin films of polymers   exhibited sharp reflection peaks in the low-angle region in XRD   measurement, indicating a highly ordered assembly.

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