Robert Ratcliffe - 10.     Palcic, MM; Venot, AP; Ratcliffe, RM; Hindsgaul, O: Enzymic-synthesis of oligosaccharides terminating in the tumor-associated sialyl-lewis-a determinant, Carbohydr Res, 190 (1): 1-11, 1989

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 10. Palcic, MM; Venot, AP; Ratcliffe, RM;   Hindsgaul, O: Enzymic-synthesis of oligosaccharides terminating   in the tumor-associated sialyl-lewis-a determinant, Carbohydr   Res, 190 (1): 1-11, 1989. 11. Crawley, SC; Hindsgaul, O;   Ratcliffe, RM; Lamontagne, LR; Palcic, MM: A plant   fucosyl-transferase with human lewis blood-group specificity,   Carbohydr Res, 193: 249-256, 1989. 12. Rinderle, SJ; Goldstein,   IJ; Matta, KL; Ratcliffe, RM: Isolation and characterization of   Amaranthin, a lectin present in the seeds of Amaranthus-caudatus,   that recognizes the T-antigen (or cryptic-T)-antigen, J Biol   Chem, 264 (27): 16123-16131, 1989. 13. Ratcliffe, RM; Moase, E;   Venot, A; Lamontagne, LR: Interpretation of ELISA screening of   anti-A and anti-B monoclonal-antibodies, Rev Francaise Trans   Immuno-hematologie, 30 (5): 429-434,1987. 14. Chen, HT; Kabat,   EA; Lundblad, A; Ratcliffe, RM: Nucleotide and translated   amino-acid-sequences of cDNA coding for the variable regions of   the light and heavy-chains of mouse hybridoma antibodies to blood   group-A and group-B Substances, J Biol Chem, 262 (28):   13579-13583, 1987. 15. Itzkowitz, SH; Yuan, M; Ferrell, LD;   Ratcliffe, RM; Chung, YS; Satake, K; Umeyama, K; Jones, RT; Kim,   YS: Cancer-associated alterations of blood-group antigen   expression in the human-pancreas, J Natl Cancer Inst, 79 (3):   425-434, 1987. 16. Le Pendu, J; Lambert, F; Samuelsson, B;   Breimer, ME; Seitz, RC; Urdaniz, MP; Suesa, N; Ratcliffe, M;   Francois, A; Poschmann, A; Vinas, J; Oriol, R:   Monoclonal-antibodies specific for type-3 and type-4 chain-based   blood-group determinants - relationship to the A1 and A2   subgroups, Glycoconjugate J, 3 (3): 255-271 1986. 17. Baker, DA;   Sugii, S; Kabat, EA; Ratcliffe, RM; Hermentin, P; Lemieux, RU:   Immunochemical studies on the combining sites of Forssman hapten   reactive hemagglutinins from Dolichos-biflorus, Helix-pomatia,   AND Wistaria-floribunda, Biochem, 22 (11): 2741-2750 1983.

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