Benjaram Reddy - - Organic Syntheses and Transformations Catalyzed by Sulfated Zirconia B.M. Reddy* and M.K. Patil Chemical Reviews, 109 (2009) 2185 - 2208. - Novel Nanocrystalline Ce1-xLaxO2- (x=0

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): - Organic Syntheses and Transformations   Catalyzed by Sulfated Zirconia B.M. Reddy* and M.K. Patil   Chemical Reviews, 109 (2009) 2185 - 2208. - Novel Nanocrystalline   Ce1-xLaxO2- (x=0.2) Solid Solutions: Structural Characteristics   and Catalytic Performance B.M. Reddy,* K. Lakshmi, G.   Thrimurthulu Chemistry of Materials, 22 (2010) 000 -; 000. -   Structural Characteristics and Catalytic Activity of   Nanocrystalline Ceria-Praseodymia Solid Solutions B.M. Reddy,* G.   Thrimurthulu, L. Katta, Y. Yamada, S.-E. Park Journal of Physical   Chemistry C, 113 (2009) 15882 - 15890. - Copper Promoted Cobalt   and Nickel Catalysts Supported on Ceria-Alumina Mixed Oxide:   Structural Characterization and CO Oxidation Activity B.M.   Reddy*, K.N. Rao, P. Bharali Industrial & Engineering   Chemistry Research, 48 (2009) 8478 - 8486. - Thermal Stability   and Dispersion behavior of Nanostructured CexZr1-xO2 Mixed Oxides   over AnataseTiO2: A Combined Study of CO Oxidation and   Characterization by XRD, XPS, TPR, HREM, and UVvis DRS Techniques   B.M. Reddy*, P. Bharali, P. Saikia, G. Thrimurthulu, Y. Yamada,   T. Kobayashi Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 48   (2009) 453 - 462. - Physicochemical Characteristics and Catalytic   Activity of Alumina Supported Nanosized Ceria-Terbia Solid   Solutions B.M. Reddy*, P. Saikia, P. Bharali, S.-E. Park, M.   Muhler, W. Grunert Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 113 (2009)   2452 - 2462. - Structural Characterization and Catalytic Activity   of Nanosized Ceria-terbia Solid Solutions B.M. Reddy*, P. Saikia,   P. Bharali, Y. Yamada, T. Kobayashi, M. Muhler, W. Gruenert   Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (2008) 16393 - 16399. -   Copper Zeolites as Green Catalysts for Multicomponent Reactions   of Aldehydes, Terminal Alkynes and Amines: An Efficient and Green   Synthesis of Propargylamines M.K. Patil, M. Keller, B.M. Reddy,   P. Pale, J. Sommer European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2008,   4440 - 4445. - Oxidehydrogenation of Ethylbenzene to Styr

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