William Palmer - The two cultures and hidden truths: a personal tribute [re C. P. Snow]

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  Palmer, W. P. (2008)  Science Mathematics and Technology   Education: Beyond Cultural Boundaries, Udon Thani, Thailand,   16-19 January 2008. Online at   http://smec.curtin.edu.au/local/documents/Fifth-International-Conference-Procee dings.pdf#page=420


  It is a long while since I first read C. P. Snow’s controversial   book, The two cultures. At that stage of my life, I   read anything  which Snow wrote, particularly the   fictional Strangers and brothers series, where academics   and scientists  plotted and schemed within institutions to   gain positions of power and influence. There appeared to be   similarities between the power struggles that Snow described in   his books and the real events in the staff room at the school at   which I was teaching, which gave personal relevance to his   writing. More recently, my academic work centred on the problems   involved in the teaching of science at a regional Australian   university. The power struggles were still there, but were   largely hidden from casual observation, so I have been reflecting   lately on issues concerned with science culture, science history   and the public understanding of science.

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