Gurusankar Saravanabhavan - 1. Saravanabhavan, G., Helleur, R., Hellou, J. (2009), "GC-MS/MS measurement of natural ans synthetic estrogens in receiving waters and mussels close to a raw sewage ocean outfall", Chemosphere, 76, 1156-1162

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. Saravanabhavan, G., Helleur, R.,   Hellou, J. (2009), "GC-MS/MS measurement of natural ans synthetic   estrogens in receiving waters and mussels close to a raw sewage   ocean outfall", Chemosphere, 76, 1156-1162. 2. Saravanabhavan,   G., Helferty, A., Hodson P.V., and Brown, R.S. (2007), " A   multi-dimensional HPLC method for PAHs and their alkyl homolog   fingerprinting in Heavy Gas Oil fraction of Alaskan North Slope   Crude" Journal of Chromatography A,1156, 124-133. 3. Hodson,   P.V., C.W. Khan, G. Saravanabhavan, L.Clarke, R.S. Brown, B.   Hollebone, Z. Wang, J. Short, K. Lee, T. King (2007), "Alkyl PAHs   in crude oil cause chronic toxicity to early life stages of fish"   In: 28th Artic and Marine Oil spill Program (AMOP) Technical   Seminar, Environmental Science and Technology Division,   Environment Canada, Proceedings of the 2007 AMOP symposium,   Edmonton, AL, June 4-7, 2007, pp 291-300. 4. Khan, C.W., G.   Saravanabhavan, L.M.J. Clarke, P.V. Hodson, B.P. Hollebone and Z.   Wang (2004), " EROD activity (CYP1A) inducing compounds in   fractionated crude oil" In 27th Artic and Marine Oilspill Program   (AMOP) Technical Seminar, Environmental Science and Technology   Division, Environment Canada, Proceedings of the 2006 AMOP   symposium, Edmonton, AL, June 8-10, 2004, pp 765-772. 5.   Saravanabhavan, G., Helleur, R., and Hellou, J. (2002), "Analysis   of steroid estrogens as endocrine disruptors in mussel tissue   using GC-MS techniques" In: Proceedings of the 4th biennial   international conference on monitoring and measurement of the   environment, Toronto, Canada, pp: 71-75. 6. Saravanabhavan, G,   and P.K. Gupta (1997), "Development of fiber optic pH sensor   based on phenol red indicator dye" In: Proceedings of the   National Laser Symposium, Indore, India, pp: 157-158.

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