Howard Schild - PATENTS 1.       "Sheet Material for Thermal Transfer Imaging" (sole inventor for Polaroid Corporation)      US Patent 5334573 8/2/94;    EP 546436 A1 6/16/93;   CA 2084239  A 6/3/93;         JP 05238168 A  9/17/93; World Patent Index: 93-189840 ...

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): PATENTS 1. "Sheet Material for Thermal   Transfer Imaging" (sole inventor for Polaroid Corporation) US   Patent 5334573 8/2/94; EP 546436 A1 6/16/93; CA 2084239 A 6/3/93;   JP 05238168 A 9/17/93; World Patent Index: 93-189840 [24] 2.   "Process for protecting a binary image with a siloxane durable   layer that is not removable by hexane, isopropanol or water"   (with I.B.K. Bloom, R.A. Gaudiana, A.F. Fehervari and R. A. Minns   for Polaroid Corporation) US Patent 5501940 3/26/96; EP 625430 A1   11/23/94; CA 2122564 A 11/21/94 ; JP 06344676 A 12/20/94 ; World   Patent Index: 94-359644 [45] 3. "Protected Image, and process for   the production thereof" (with I.B.K. Bloom, R.A. Gaudiana, A.F.   Fehervari and R. A. Minns ( for Polaroid Corporation) US Patent   5560979 10/1/96. 4.. "Holographic Medium and Process for Use   Thereof" (with various coworkers) US Patent 5759721 6/2/98.   PUBLICATIONS 25 refereed research publications. 4 review articles   including a commissioned overview (87pp., 309 references) 1. New   Developments in Flow and Release Additives for Polyolefins By   Ashutosh H. Sharma, Vinod Shah and Howard Schild 2008 SPE   Polyolefins International Conference, Houston, TX 2. "Cationic   Ring-opening Photopolymerization Methods for Volume Hologram   Recording" (with D. A. Waldman, R.T. Ingwall, P.K. Dhal, M. G.   Horner, E.S. Kolb, H.-Y.S. Li, and R. A. Minns) in Diffractive   and Holographic Optics Technology III, Ivan Cindrich, Sing H.   Lee, Editors, Proc. SPIE 2689, 1996, 127. 3. "Thermal   Decomposition of PNIPAAM: TGA/FTIR Analysis" J. Polym. Sci.   Polym. Chem. Ed. 1996, 34, 2259. (sole author) 4. "Applying   Principles of Polymer Miscibility for Thermal Imaging" Macromol.   Rapid Commun. , 1995, 16, 197. (sole author) 5. "Confirming the   Designed Thermal Degradation of a Polycarbonate by TGA/FTIR"   Journal of Macromolecular Science, A- Pure and Applied Chemistry   , 1994, A31(12), 1955. (main author wi

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