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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): SELECTED PUBLICATIONS AND PAPERS PRESENTED   (Others available on request) • Vishakha Shembekar, Yongli Chen,   Barry K. Carpenter, George P. Hess, Coumarin-Caged Glycine that   can be Photolyzed within 3 s by Visible Light, Biochemistry,   (2007), 46(18), 5479-5484. • Vishakha Shembekar, A. Q.   Contractor, S. S. Major, S. S. Talwar, Photoisomerization of   Amphiphilic Azobenzene Derivatives in Langmuir-Blodgett Films   Prepared as Polyion Complexes, using Ionic Polymers, Thin Solid   Films, (2006), 510(1-2), 297-304. • Vishakha Shembekar, Yongli   Chen, Barry K. Carpenter, George P. Hess, Synthesis and   Characterization of a Carboxyl Group Protected Glutamic Acid that   can be Deprotected by Visible Light, Biochemistry, (2005),   44(19), 7107-7114. • Vishakha Shembekar, B. K. Carpenter, L.   Ramakrishnan, G. P. Hess, "Development of Photolabile-Protecting   Groups that Rapidly Release Bioactive Compounds on Photolysis   with Visible Light" Poster presentation at 227th ACS meeting,   Anaheim, CA, USA, March 2004 (presented). • Vishakha Shembekar,   S. S. Talwar, A. Q. Contractor, "Optical Information Storage   Devices: A Langmuir Blodgett Approach" Oral presentation at   International Conference on Supramolecular Science &   Technology, Zakopane, Poland, September 1998 (presented). •   Vishakha Shembekar, S. S. Talwar, A. Q. Contractor,   "Photoisomerization of Amphiphilic Azobenzenes in Organized Thin   Films as Optical Information Storage Devices" Oral presentation   at Israps Meeting on "Radiation and Photochemistry in Organized   Assemblies and Photocatalysis" I.I.T, Bombay, India, February   1998 (presented).

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