Sustainability Engagement Event (SEE) Action Teams

Version 1

    During the ACS 2010 Spring National Meeting in San Francisco, S3G hosted an innovative Sustainability Engagement Event (SEE) ( based upon the appreciative inquiry model. The event brought together the enthusiasm and knowledge of a broad range of scientists within the Society, many of whom had not engaged with the Society on this level in the past.


    Throughout the summer, volunteer action teams developed the ideas that came out of the San Francisco event. The teams met frequently via conference calls and shared research materials and other relevant information using the ACS Network ( Their collaborations resulted in the creation of project proposals, which were presented to the relevant committees that could incorporate them, harnessing the continued creativity and engagement of these new volunteers.


    The following SEE projects have been evaluated by related committees and are moving forward under committee auspices:

    SEE Action Team

    Related Committee

    Team 1: Linking Chemists with Non-Profit Service Organizations that can   Apply their Expertise

    Committee on Community Activities (CCA)

    Team 3: Infusing Green Chemistry into the Professional Curriculum

    Society Committee on Education (SOCED)

    Team 4: Greener ACS Meetings

    Committee on Meetings and Expositions (M&E)

    Team 5: Sustainable Energy: Developing the Science and Technology

    Committee on Science (COMSCI)

    Team 6: Encourage Member Sustainability Advocacy

    Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI)

    Team 7: Create Positive Viral or Buzz Marketing of Chemistry and   Sustainability

    Committee on Public Relations and Communications (CPRC)

    Team 8: Post Sustainability Videos in Connection With the 2011   International Year of Chemistry Celebration

    Committee on Environmental   Improvement (CEI) & International Activities Committee (IAC),

    Team 9: Programs and Materials to Bring Sustainability into K-12 Education

    Society Committee on Education (SOCED)

    Team 10: Minimizing Waste Streams, Focusing on PET Recycling

    Committee on Environmental Improvement (CEI)