Lance Silverman - L.D. Silverman, "Drug Release Coatings on Calcium Phosphate and Uses Thereof," U.S. Patent Application filed April 25, 2008 L.D. Silverman, Y. Mastai, S

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): L.D. Silverman, "Drug Release Coatings on   Calcium Phosphate and Uses Thereof," U.S. Patent Application   filed April 25, 2008 L.D. Silverman, Y. Mastai, S.F. Frager, A.   Lifschitz, "Biomimetic Poly-L-aspartic acid-PEG Block Copolymers   Inhibit Hydroxyapatite Growth," Presented at the International   Association for Dental Research (2007) L.D. Silverman, et al.,   "Release of Gentamicin from a Tricalcium Phosphate Bone Implant,"   J. Orthopaedic Research, Vol. 25(1), pp. 23-9 (2007) and   presented at the Orthopaedic Research Society meeting (2006) L.   Silverman and A.L. Boskey, "Diffusion Systems for Evaluation of   Biomineralization," Calcified Tissue International, Vol. 75, pp.   494-501 (2004) Corporate research grant to study controlled drug   release from bone implant materials. Includes technician support,   equipment and materials, and stipends for undergraduate   participation (March 2004 -; February 2005) Expert witness for   the prosecution, New York State Supreme Court, in a vehicular   homicide case involving forensic alcohol analysis (March 2004)   Instructor for the Institute of Police Technology and Management   at the University of North Florida (2005) and the California   Department of Justice (2003), giving invited papers on new   alcohol breath test technology. Related presentations at the   California Association of Criminologists meeting (2001) and   International Association for Chemical Testing (2000) Lance D.   Silverman et al., "Confirmation of Ethanol Compressed Gas   Standard Concentrations by a NIST Traceable Absolute Chemical   Method and Comparison to Wet Breath Alcohol Simulators," The   Journal of Analytical Toxicology, Vol. 21, p. 369 (1997) and   presented at IACT (1996) Lance D. Silverman et al., "An   Electrolytic Analyzer for Moisture in Oil," American Laboratory,   Jan. 1995, p. 28M R&D 100 Award for the 100 most innovative   technical products of 1994, received for a moisture in oil   analyzer developed with Ford Motor Co. R&D. The award was   presented at

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