Janet Smith - US Patents 5,232,689: Translucent Antiperspirant Compounds      5,246,972: Polish containing Highly Adsorptive Polymer 5,320,828: Encapsulated Aluminum C

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): US Patents 5,232,689: Translucent   Antiperspirant Compounds 5,246,972: Polish containing Highly   Adsorptive Polymer 5,320,828: Encapsulated Aluminum Compositions   5,455,026: Method of Making Clear Antiperspirant Gels 5,480,637:   Alkylmethylsiloxane Containing Gels 5,492,691: Method of Making   Clear Antiperspirant Gels 5,681,547: Encapsulated Aluminum   Compositions 5,695,551: Water Repellent Composition 5,969,038:   Salt Stable Cationic Microemulsions 6,080.394: Polar solvent-in   Oil Emulsions and Multiple Emulsions 6,168,782: Elastomeric   Silicone Containing an Active Ingredient 6,117,071: Polar   Solvent-In-Oil Emulsions and Multiple Emulsions 6,200,581:   Elastomeric Silicone Terpolymer 6,207,717: Entrapment of Vitamins   with an Elastomeric Silicone Polyether 6,221,927: Polar   Solvent-in-Oil Emulsions and Multiple Emulsions 6,221,979:   Mixtures of Silicone Elastomers 6,238,657: Oil-in-Oil and Three   Phase Emulsions 6,653,378: Silicone Elastomer Compositions (Amino   Siloxane) 6,770,708: Cosmetic Composition Containing Silicone   Elastomers 6,774,179: The Encapsulation of Actives in Core-shell   and Gel Particles 6,887,934: Resin Modified Elastomers

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