Selwyn Yorke - Comparison of ovine, bovine and porcine mucosal heparins and low molecular weight heparins by disaccharide analyses and 13C NMR

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  Carbohydrate Polymers (1997), 33(1), 5-11


  Ovine, porcine and bovine heparin were compared by NMR,   disaccharide compn., optical rotation, elemental analyses, HPSEC   and USP analyses.  There were some differences found in the   NMR and disaccharide compn. of the heparins.  Ovine heparin   contained less monosulfated and disulfated disaccharides than   porcine or bovine mucosal heparins.  The heparins were   approx. equiv. in USP activity.  Low mol. wt. ovine, porcine   and bovine heparin were prepd. by both nitrous acid and   copper/peroxide depolymn.  Products were compared to each   other and to Fragmin by disaccharide compn., optical rotation,   HPSEC, NMR, elemental analyses, and the USP assay for   anticoagulant activity.  The low mol. wt. products showed a   greater similarity to each other than to the parent heparins and   it was concluded that the species of origin of a low mol. wt.   heparin would be difficult to det. by these methods alone.

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