Bryan Mangelson - Silver-Based Nano Diskcodes

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  ACS Nano, 2010, 4 (9), pp   5446–5452


  We report a novel method for synthesizing silver-based nanodisk   code (NDC) structures using on-wire lithography, where we employ   milder synthetic and etching conditions than those used to   synthesize the analogous gold structures. The silver structures   exhibit stronger surface-enhanced Raman scattering signals than   their Au counterparts at 633 and 532 nm excitation and,   therefore, lead to lower limits of detection when used in the   context of DNA-based detection assays. Finally, use of two   enhancing nanostructured materials in one disk code dramatically   increases the information storage density for encoding. For   example, a disk code consisting of 5 gold disk pairs has 13   unique combinations of enhancing patterns, while one with 5 disk   pairs that can be either gold or silver has 98.

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