Hong Tian - J. V. Coe, J. Heer, S. Teeeters-Kennedy, H. Tian, K. R. Rodriguez. "Extraordinary transmission of metal films with arrays of subwavelength holes." Annu

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): J. V. Coe, J. Heer, S. Teeeters-Kennedy,   H. Tian, K. R. Rodriguez. "Extraordinary transmission of metal   films with arrays of subwavelength holes." Annu. Rev. Phys.   Chem., 2008, 59, 179-202. J. V. Coe, K. R. Rodriguez, S.   Teeeters-Kennedy, K. Cilwa, J. Heer, H. Tian, S.M. Williams.   "Metal Films with Arrays of Tiny Holes: Spectroscopy with   Infrared Plasmonic Scaffolding." J. Chem. Phys. C, 2007, 111(47),   17459-17472. H. Tian, A. J. Bergren, R. L. McCreery. "UV-vis   Spectroelectrochemistry of Chemisorbed Molecular Layers on   Optically Transparent Carbon Electrodes." Applied Spectroscopy,   2007, 61(11), 1246-1253. K. R. Rodriguez, H. Tian, J. M. Heer, J.   V. Coe. "Extraordinary Infrared Transmission Resonances of Metal   Microarrays for sensing Nanocoating Thickness." J. Chem. Phys. C,   2007, 111, 12106-12111. H. Liang, H. Tian, R. L. McCreery.   "Normal and surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy of   nitroazobenzene submonolayers and multilayers on carbon and   silver surfaces." Applied Spectroscopy, 2007, 61(6), 613-620. K.   R. Rodriguez, H. Tian, J. M. Heer, S. Teeters-Kennedy, J. V. Coe.   "Interaction of an infrared surface plasmon with an excited   molecular vibration." J. Chem. Phys., 2007, 126(15),   151101/1-151101/5. H. Liu, H. Tian, X. Wang. "Effects of Mo, W   metal oxide on the performance of Ni-based catalysts for CO2   reforming of CH4." Fenzi Cuihua (Molecular Catalysis), 2007,   21(4), 304-307. H. Tian, X. Wang, H. Liu. "Preliminary study on   CO2-reforming of methane over Ni/MCM-41 catalyst." Tianranqi   Huagong(Natural Gas Chemical Industry), 2002, 27(5), 12-15. J.   Xu, B. Du, H. Tian, Q. Xin, C. Li. "Modification of Cu-Co-Fe   catalyst for alcohol synthesis by organic additives." Cuihua   Xuebao(Journal of Catalysis), 2000, 21(1), 40-42.

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