Sheela Venkitachalam - Batista-Parra, A.; Venkitachalam, S.; Wilson, W.D.; Boykin, D.W.; "Synthesis of 2-(5-amidinobenzoxazol-2-yl)-5-(4-amidinophenyl)furan and 2-(5-amidino

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Batista-Parra, A.; Venkitachalam, S.;   Wilson, W.D.; Boykin, D.W.; "Synthesis of   2-(5-amidinobenzoxazol-2-yl)-5-(4-amidinophenyl)furan and   2-(5-amidinobenzoxazol-2-yl)-5-(4-amidinophenyl)thiophene to test   a DNA minor groove dimmer binding model," Heterocycles (2003),   60(6), 1367-1376. Venkitachalam, S.; Chandrasekaran, S.; Tanious,   F.; Kumar, A.; Batista-Parra, A.; Mohammed, A.E.; Stephens, C.E.;   Wang, L.; Bailly, Christian; Boykin, D.W.; Wilson, W.D.; "Minor   changes in compound structure causes major differences in the   recognition specific sequences in the major groove of DNA: SPR,   NMR and CD studies," Southeast Regional Meeting of the American   Chemical Society, 2002. Volk, David E.; Yang, Xianbin; Fennewald,   Susan M.; King, David J.; Bassett, Suzanne E.; Venkitachalam,   Sheela; Herzog, Norbert; Luxon, Bruce A.; Gorenstein, David G.;   Solution structure and design of dithiophosphate backbone   aptamers targeting transcription factor NF-kB. Bioorganic   Chemistry (2002), 30(6), 396-419. Venkitachalam, S.; Yang, X.B.;   Volk, D.E.; Fennewald, S.; Herzog, N.; Luxon, B.; Gorenstein,   D.G; "NMR and Binding Studies of Thioated DNA Aptamers That Bind   to NF-kB," SCSB Symposium, 1999, University of Texas Medical   Branch, Galveston, Texas. Venkitachalam, S.; Wilson, R.M.;   "1,4-Dihyrodioxins as masked ortho-Quinones: Photochemical and   radical cation mechanism for phenanthrenequinone release," Gordon   Research Conference, 1997. Venkitachalam, S.; Wilson, R.M.;   "Synthesis of masked Phenanthrenequinones with potent DNA   cleaving activity," ACS Meeting of Cincinnati Section, 1996.

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