Dwight Walker - 1.      Steck, E., Tarczynski, F., Walker, D.S., "Comparison of Near-Infrared Methods for Pharmaceutical Product Drying: In situ vs. Effluent Sampling", Applied Spectroscopy, 55, 1109 (2001)

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. Steck, E., Tarczynski, F., Walker,   D.S., "Comparison of Near-Infrared Methods for Pharmaceutical   Product Drying: In situ vs. Effluent Sampling", Applied   Spectroscopy, 55, 1109 (2001). 2. Anderson, J.E., Walker, D.S.,   "A comparison of KBr pellet and microscope techniques applied to   solid phase synthesis", invited article in Recent Research   Developments in Applied Spectroscopy, 3, 49, (2000). 3. Harris,   S., Walker, D.S., "Quantitative Real Time Monitoring of Dryer   Effluent using Fiber Optics", J. Pharm. Res., 89, 9 (2000). 4.   Grant, K., Tarczynski, F.T., Walker, D.S., "Solvent Exchange   Monitoring via Fiber-Optic Near-Infrared Spectroscopy", J. NIR   Spectr.., submitted, (2000). 5. C. Coffey, B.E. Cooley, D.S.   Walker, "Real time quantitation of a chemical reaction by fiber   optic near-infrared spectroscopy". Anal. Chim. Acta., 19831, 1,   (1999). 6. C. Coffey, A. Predoehl, D.S. Walker, "Dryer Effluent   Monitoring in a Chemical Pilot Plant via Fiber Optic Near   Infrared Spectroscopy", Transactions of the Instrument Society of   America, 23, 679 (1998). 7. Quinn, A.; Gemperline, P.J.; Baker,   B.; Zhu, M.; Walker, D.S., Chemom. Intel. Lab. Syst., 88, 324   (1998). 8. P. J. Gemperline, M. Zhu, E. Cash, D.S. Walker   "Chemometric Characterization of Batch Reactions", Transactions   of the Instrument Society of America,, 23, 907 (1998). 9. C.   Coffey, A. Predoehl, D.S. Walker, "Dryer Effluent Monitoring in a   Chemical Pilot Plant via Fiber Optic Near Infrared Spectroscopy",   Applied Spectroscopy, 52, 717 (1998). 10. P.J. Gemperline, J.   Cho,.B. Baker, B. Batchelor, D.S. Walker, "Determination of   Multicomponant Dissolution Profiles of Pharmaceutical Products by   In-Situ Fiber-Optic UV Measurments", Analytica Chemica Acta, 345,   155, (1997). 11. J. Cho, P.J. Gemperline, A. Salt, D.S. Walker,   "UV/VIS spectral dissolution monitoring by in-situ fiber optic   probes", Analytical Chemistry, 67, 2858, (1995). 12. J. Cho, P.J.   Gemperline, D.S. Walker, "Wavelength calibration metho

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