Verl Wisehart - --Guest lecturer for selected sessions of Advanced Analytical Chemistry at Butler University, 1993-1996 --"Collisional Ionization in Neon Discharges"

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): --Guest lecturer for selected sessions of   Advanced Analytical Chemistry at Butler University, 1993-1996   --"Collisional Ionization in Neon Discharges" (1993 American   Physical Society Annual Meeting of the Division of Atomic,   Molecular, and Optical Physics, May 16, 1993, X. L. Han, V.   Wisehart, S. E. Conner, N. Matsuno, M.-C. Su) --"Time Resolved   Optogalvanic Spectroscopy of a Discharge Neon Plasma" (American   Chemical Society, National Meeting, August 1993, V. Wisehart,   M.-C. Su) -- "Laser-Induced Ionization of Neon Gas Plasma"   (Fourth Annual Argonne Symposium for Undergraduates in Science,   Engineering and Mathematics, Argonne National Laboratory,   November 5, 1993, N. Matsuno, V. Wisehart, and M.-C. Su)   --"Experiment and Theory in Ne Optogalvanic Effect" (American   Physical Society, Spring 1994, X. L. Han, V. Wisehart, M.-C. Su)   --"Optogalvanic Spectroscopy: Experimental and Theoretical   Research in a Neon Discharge" (V. Wisehart, Masters Thesis,   defended and accepted April 14, 1994, Butler University)   --"Collisional Dynamics in a Neon Discharge Plasma: The   Optogalvanic Effect" (American Chemical Society, Joint Regional   Meeting, June 3, 1994, V. Wisehart, M.-C. Su, X. L. Han)   --"Laser-Induced Optogalvanic Effect in Ne Plasma" (China, July   1994, X. L. Han, V. Wisehart, N. P. Perry, M.-C. Su)   --"Collisional Ionizations in Neon" (47th Annual Gaseous   Electronics Conference, October 1994, X. L. Han, N. P. Perry, V.   Wisehart, M.-C. Su) --"Collisional Ionization of Excited State   Neon in a Gas Discharge Plasma" (Contributions to Plasma Physics,   X. L. Han, V. Wisehart, S. E. Conner, M.-C. Su and D. L. Monts)

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