Jan Wooten - Refereed Journal Articles 1.     J.B. Wooten, N.E. Kalengamaliro, D.E. Axelson Multivariate Classification of Bright Tobaccos Based on 13C CPMAS NMR Spectra, Phytochemistry, 2009, 70, 940-;951 2

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): Refereed Journal Articles 1. J.B. Wooten,   N.E. Kalengamaliro, D.E. Axelson Multivariate Classification of   Bright Tobaccos Based on 13C CPMAS NMR Spectra, Phytochemistry,   2009, 70, 940-;951 2. J. Bartalis, Y.-L. Zhao, J.W. Flora, J.B.   Paine III, J.B. Wooten, Carbon-Centered Radicals in Cigarette   Smoke: Acyl and Alkylaminocarbonyl Radicals. Anal. Chem. 2009,   81, 631-;641 3. Z. Cleveland, G. Pavlovskaya, K. Stupic, J.   Wooten, J. Repine, T. Meersmann, Detection of tobacco smoke   deposition by hyperpolarized krypton-83 MRI. Mag. Res. Imag.   2008, 26, 270-278. 4. T.E. McGrath, J.B. Wooten, G.W. Chan, M.R.   Hajaligol Formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from   tobacco: the link between low temperature residual solid (char)   and PAH formation Food Chem Toxicol. 2007, 45, 1039-50 5. J.   Bartalis, W.G. Chan, J.B. Wooten A New Look at Radicals in   Cigarette Smoke Anal. Chem. 2007, 79, 5103-5106. 6. Z.I.   Cleveland, K.F. Stupic, G.E. Pavlovskaya, J.E. Repine, J.B.   Wooten, T. Meersmann Hyperpolarized 83Kr and 129Xe NMR Relaxation   Measurements of Hydrated Surfaces: Implications for Materials   Science and Pulmonary Diagnostics J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2007, 129,   1784-1792. 7. D.E. Axelson, J.B. Wooten Magnetic resonance   imaging characterization of intact smoked cigarettes J. Anal.   Appl. Pyrolysis 2007, 78 214-;227. 8. T.E. McGrath, J.B. Wooten,   W.G. Chan, M.R. Hajaligol, Formation of polycyclic aromatic   hydrocarbons from tobacco: The link between low temperature   residual solid (char) and PAH formation, Food and Chemical   Toxicology 2007, 45, 1039-;1050. 9. S. Chouchane, J.B. Wooten,   F.J. Tewes, A. Wittig, B. P. Muller, D. Veltel, J. Diekmann   Involvement of Semiquinone Radicals in the in Vitro Cytotoxicity   of Cigarette Mainstream Smoke Chem. Res. Toxicol. 2006, 19,   1602-1610. 10. R.K. Sharma, J.B. Wooten, V.L. Baliga, X. Lin,   G.W. Chan and M.R. Hajaligol Characterization of chars from   pyrolysis of lignin. Fuel 2004, 83, 1469-;1482 11. J.B. Wooten,   J. Seeman, and M. R. Hajaligol, Observation a

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