Weizong Xu - 1. Weizong Xu, Neal Dando, David Sadlacek. "Comparison of PFC Emission Coefficients for Operating and Startup Pots at a Side Work Prebake Smelter", Light Metals

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  Publication Details (including relevant citation   information): 1. Weizong Xu, Neal Dando, David Sadlacek.   "Comparison of PFC Emission Coefficients for Operating and   Startup Pots at a Side Work Prebake Smelter", Light Metals. 2008,   pp 245-8. 2. Neal Dando, Weizong Xu, Roger Nichols, Steven   Rusche, Mitch Nemier. "Comparison of PFC Emission Rates for   Operating and Newly Started Pots at a Horizontal Stud Soderberg   Smelter", Light Metals. 2008, pp 233-7. 3. Daniel Steingart,   James Evans, Andrew Redfern, Paul Wright, Neal Dando, Weizong Xu,   Michael Gershenzon, Henk Van der Meyden. "Wireless Measurement of   Duct Temperatures on Aluminum Smelter Pots: Correlation to   Roofline HF Concentration", Light Metals. 2008, pp 221-5. 4. Neal   R. Dando, Weizong Xu, Jon Peace. "Continuous Measurement of Peak   Hydrogen Fluoride Exposures in Aluminum Smelter Potrooms:   Instrument Development and In-Plant Evaluation", Journal of   Occupational & Environmental Hygiene,. Vol 5, Issue 2, Feb   2008, pp 67-74 5. Neal Dando, Weizong Xu, Jon Peace. "Development   of a Wearable Gauge for Measuring Peak HF Concentrations in   Aluminum Smelters", Light Metals. 2007, pp 211-4. 6. Hugues   Vendette, Neal Dando, Alain Moras, Eric Marion, Weizong Xu.   "Alumina Dry-scrubbing Technology: Development of A Cascade   Feeding System For Improved Capture Efficiencies", Light Metals.   2007, pp 187-191. 7. Neal Dando, Weizong Xu, and Jon Peace.   "Feature article on Personal HF Monitor, June newsletter, IAI   (International Aluminum Institute", 2006, pp 7. 8. Neal Dando,   Weizong Xu. "Root Causes of Variability Impacting Short Term   In-Plant PFC Measurements", Light Metals. 2006, pp 189-194. 9.   Neal Dando, Weizong Xu, Luis Espinoza-Nava. "In-Plant Performance   Comparison of Fourier Transform and Photo-Acoustic Infra-Red PFC   Monitors", Light Metals. 2004, pp 381-5. 10. Jay Smith, Weizong   Xu, and Daniel Raftery. "Analysis of Conformational Polymorphism   in Pharmaceutical Solids Using Solid-State NMR and Electronic   Structure Calculations", J. Phys. Chem. B., 110, 7766-76, 20

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