Bill Wingfield - Oven-conveyor cleaning apparatus and method

Document created by William Wingfield on Aug 22, 2014
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  United States Patent 5333724 issued 08/02/1994


  A cleaning apparatus for cleaning of food-processing conveyor   belts, particularly of metal conveyor belts used to convey bakery   goods through baking ovens, includes an equipment carrier   including pumping and vacuum equipment; mounts for mounting frame   members carrying cleaning heads including cleaning and rinsing   solution applicators, a brush, a splash shield, and vacuum heads;   and, interconnections for connecting carrier-supported equipment   to cleaning heads. In operation, cleaning heads are mounted to   the mounts and are connected to the carrier-supported equipment;   and, the conveyor belt is sprayed and soaked with a cleaning   solution and left for a time before having the solution together   with debris and residual and carbonized matter rinsed off and   vacuumed up. Brushes brush the conveyor during cleaning and   rinsing.

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