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      Rom. Journ. Phys. 52 (2007) 193-215.


      In this paper, the dissipative dynamics of a system of matter   particles, that
      from quantum point of view are Fermions, is described in the   framework of a
      physical model. We show that dissipation consists in two-body   correlations of the
      system with the environment particles. We obtain a quantum master   equation with
      microscopic coefficients depending on the exactly known two-body   potentials. We
      discuss this equation in comparison with other master equations,   obtained on
      axiomatic grounds, or derived from a coupling with an environment   of harmonic
      oscillators without altering the quantum conditions. Our master   equation is in full
      accordance with the quantum-mechanical principles, with the   detailed balance
      principle, and with other generally accepted conditions during   the whole timeevolution:
      Pauli master equations for the diagonal elements of the density   matrix, and
      damped Bloch-Feynman equations for the non-diagonal ones, that we   call dynamical
      detailed balance. We show that the damping of a harmonic   oscillator is not
      exponential as is generally accepted, but at lower energies, due   to the decrease of the
      dipole moment, is slowing down. As applications, we study the   super radiance of a
      semiconductor p-i-n structure with quantum dots.

      Address (URL): http://www.nipne.ro/rjp/2007_52_3-4.html