Jason Perman - Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Polymorph of the DMF Solvate of the Dicoppertetracarboxylate Paddlewheel Complex Cu-2(p-aminobenzoate)(4)(DMF)(2)

Document created by Jason Perman on Aug 22, 2014
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  Jason A. Perman and Michael J. Zaworotko


  Reaction between p-aminobenzoic acid (HpABA) and Cu(NO3)(2)   center dot  2.5H(2)O in basic MeOH/DMF affords green   crystals of the dicopper  paddlewheel complex,   Cu-2(pABA)(4)(DMF)(2) center dot 2DMF, 1,  identified by   single crystal X-ray crystallography: triclinic P-1, with a    = 10.3728(2) angstrom, b = 10.617(2) angstrom, c = 11.128(2)   angstrom,  alpha = 81.705(3)degrees, beta =   79.984(2)degrees, gamma =  65.965(2)degrees and Z = 2. The   crystal structure of 1 reveals that it  is the second   polymorph of Cu-2(pABA)(4)(DMF)(2) center dot 2DMF and    experiments on the stability of 1 indicate that it can be   converted to  Form I through desolvation followed by   exposure to DMF.


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