Rafael Abargues - Localized surface plasmon resonance sensor based on Ag-PVA nanocomposite thin films

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  R Gradess, R Abargues, A Habbou, J Canet-Ferrer, E Pedrueza, A   Russell, J L Valdes, J P Martinez-Pastor (2009)  JOURNAL OF   MATERIALS CHEMISTRY 19: 48. 9233-9240


  In this work we demonstrate the use of nanocomposite thin films   of poly(vinyl alcohol) with embedded silver NPs for chemosensing   purposes. Silver NPs are in situ synthesized inside polyvinyl   alcohol during the bake step of the formation of a nanocomposite   thin film. The polymer in the nanocomposite provides an   appropriate chemical and electromagnetic environment for metal   NPs in order to interact with and hence detect the chemical   species. A limit of detection below 20 nM is found when detecting   2-mercaptoethanol as the analyte, when measuring spectral changes   (peak wavelength, linewidth and intensity) in the Localized   Surface Plasmon Resonance. Potential qualitative and   semi-quantitative sensors based on such nanocomposites would be   easy-to-prepare, easy-to-use and low-cost, which are the basis of   a fully disposable sensing platform technology.

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