Rui Tang - Using Collagen Fiber as a Template to Synthesize Hierarchical Mesoporous Alumina Fiber

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  De-Hui Deng, Rui Tang, Xue-Pin Liao, Bi Shi. Using Collagen Fiber   as a  Template to Synthesize Hierarchical Mesoporous Alumina   Fiber. Langmuir.  2008: 368-370.


  Hierarchical mesoporous alumina fiber was synthesized by using   collagen  fiber as the template, and characterized by means   of scanning electron  microscopy, transmission electron   microscopy, N2 adsorption  techniques, X-ray   photoelectron spectroscopy, and X-ray diffraction. The    alumina fiber obtained is approximately 1−4 μm in outer diameter   and  0.5−1 mm in length. The pore size distribution of the   alumina fiber is  narrow (2−20 nm), and its pore size is   controllable by varying  preparation methods. This study   indicates that collagen fiber, which has  hierarchical   supermolecular structure, could be used as an ideal    template to prepare well-defined porous metal oxide fibers.

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