Eliade Stefanescu - Non-Markovian effects in dissipative systems

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  Proc. SPIE Vol. 3405 (1998) 877.


  In a unitary approach generally used in quantum optics, we    consider Lindblad's Markovian master equation and the non-    Markovian master equation of Ford, Lewis and O'Connell. We    show that the second-order master equation in the hierarchy    obtained from a Krylov-Bogoliubov expansion corresponds to    the Born approximation. By time averaging, and neglecting   the  rapidly varying terms, Lindblad's master equation is   obtained. With these two equations, we calculate the decay   spectrum. We find that for rather low dissipated energies, only   the non-Markovian  master equation provides correct results.   Based on the  independent oscillator model of the   dissipative coupling,  explicit expressions of the   dissipative coefficients are  obtained.

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