Olaniran Atchade - Synthesis and characterization of pentagonal bipyramidal organotin(IV) complexes of 2,6-diacetylpyridine Schiff bases of S-alkyl- and aryldithiocarbazates

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  M. A. Ali, A. H. Mirza, L. K. Wei, P. V. Bernhardt, O. Atchade,   X. Song, G. Eng, L. May, Journal of Coordination   Chemistry, 63: 7, 1194 - 1206, (2010)


  New organotin(IV) complexes with empirical formula   Sn(SNNNS)R2, where SNNNS is the dianionic form of   2,6-diacetylpyridine Schiff bases of S-methyldithiocarbazate   (H2dapsme) or S-benzyldithiocarbazate   (H2dapsbz) and R = Ph or Me, have been prepared and   characterized by IR, UV-Vis, NMR and Mössbauer spectroscopic   techniques and conductance measurements. The molecular structures   of the Sn(dapsme)R2 (R = Ph and Me) have been   determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction techniques. Both   complexes have a distorted pentagonal-bipyramidal geometry in   which the tin is coordinated by a dinegatively charged   pentadentate chelating agent via pyridine nitrogen, two   azomethine nitrogens, and two thiolate sulfurs. The five donors   (N3S2) provided by the Schiff base occupy   the equatorial plane close to a pentagonal planar array while the   carbanion ligands occupy axial sites.

  Address (URL): http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00958971003739798