Wesley Chong - Thiazole benzamide derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions for inhibiting cell proliferation, and methods for their use.

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      Chu, S. S.; Alegria, L. A.; Bleckman, T. M.; Chong, W. K. M.;   Duvadie, R. K.; Li, L.; Reich, S. H.; Romines, W. H.; Wallace, M.   B.; Yang, Y. Thiazole benzamide derivatives and pharmaceutical   compositions for inhibiting cell proliferation, and methods for   their use. US6720346, 2003.


      Aminothiazole compounds with mono-/di-substituted benzamide are   represented by the Formula (I), and their pharmaceutically   acceptable salts, pharmaceutically acceptable prodrugs,   pharmaceutically active metabolites, and pharmaceutically   acceptable salts of said metabolites are described. These agents   modulate and/or inhibit the cell proliferation and activity of   protein kinases and are useful as pharmaceuticals for treating   malignancies and other disorders.

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