Theodore Dibble - Observation and quantification of OH radicals in the far downstream part of an atmospheric microwave plasma jet using cavity ringdown spectroscopy

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  Chuji Wang, Nimisha Srivastava, and Theodore S.   Dibble.   Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 051501   (2009); doi:10.1063/1.3177314


  An atmospheric argon microwave plasma jet with a plasma column 8   mm long and 1–2 mm wide is studied. Existence of hydroxyl (OH)   radicals down to 28 mm away from the plasma orifice is evidenced   by UV cavity ringdown spectroscopy. The measured OH (v″ = 0, J″ = 3.5)   number density at 28 mm is 7.2×1012 molecule/cm3. The plasma gas flow velocity, along with   the known OH lifetimes, suggests that OH radicals observed in the   downstream are not the OH radicals formed in the plasma column   but were formed in the downstream

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