Narumi Ohta - Enhancement of High-Rate Capability of Solid-State Lithium Batteries by Nano-Scaled Interfacial Modification

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  N. Ohta, K.   Takada, L. -Q. Zhang, R. -Z. Ma, M. Osada, and T. Sasaki,   Adv. Mater. (Weinheim, Ger.), vol.18, no.17,   pp.2226-2229 (2006).



  The high-rate capability of solid-state, rechargeable   lithium batteries with sulfide electrolytes is   significantly improved when the LiCoO2particles are   spray-coated with a Li4Ti5O12  film with a thickness of several nanometers (see figure). The   power densities of the solid-state battery with the coated   LiCoO2 are comparable to those of commercialized   lithium-ion cells.

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