Courtney Thomas - Multifunctional inorganic nanoparticles for imaging, targeting, and drug delivery

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  Pecorelli, T.A; Dibrell, M.M.; Li, Z.; Thomas, C.R.; Zink, J.I.   Proc. SPIE 2010,   7576, 75760K.


  Multifunctional silica nanoparticles provide a framework for the   attachment of imaging and targeting agents for applications in   spectroscopy, microscopy, and biology while simultaneously   serving as supports for molecular machines for the controlled   release of cargo.  The deliberate placing of mols. or other   nanoparticles within specific regions of the mesostructure or the   surface of the nanoparticles allows for multiple modes of   characterization and application.  This review focuses on   research related to fluorescence and spectroscopic imaging   techniques, targeting strategies to increase particle uptake   efficiency in cells, and on demand drug delivery regulated by   moledular machines.

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