Samuel Kyeremateng - Synthesis of ABC and CABAC Triphilic Block Copolymers by ATRP Combined with ‘Click’ Chemistry

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      Macromolecular Rapid Communications 2008, Volume 29, Issue 12-13,   Pages 1140 - 1146



        ATRP using poly(propylene oxide) monofunctional      macroinitiator was carried out with solketal methacrylate (SMA)     and the  non-reactive PPO having two N3    terminal groups was removed by dissolution in an excess of     n-hexane. The resulting azido terminated AB diblock     copolymer was ‘clicked’ with an α-alkyne      fluorinated compound, followed by acid hydrolysis of the SMA     units, a  triphilic ABC triblock copolymer was prepared.     ATRP of SMA with a  difunctional PPO macroinitiator to     give ABA triblock copolymer was also  carried out. The     terminal Br was again exchanged with N3, ‘clicked’     with the α-alkyne  fluorinated compound and     likewise hydrolyzed to give a triphilic CABAC  pentablock     copolymer, i.e., hydrophilic, oleophilic, and     fluorophilic  blocks were combined.  

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