Francisco Partal Urena - Chiral terpenes in different matrices: R-(+)-camphor studied by IR-Raman-VCD spectroscopies and quantum chemical calculations

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  Asian Journal of Spectroscopy
  Volume 14, Issue 1-2, January 2010, Pages 1-21


  R-(+)-camphor is a bicyclical terpenoid with many usages and   application in different fields. Different experimental and   theoretical works reveal that there is only one stable conformer   given the sterical restriction that the bicycle introduces. In   the current work, from a complete assignment of the IR and Raman   spectra, we are able to predict a VCD spectrum of the title   compound. This work treats about the experimental detection and   characterization using three experimental tools: IR. Raman and   VCD spectroscopies. In addition, theoretical calculations take a   main role in order to reproduce and understand the experimental   signatures. Three different matrices has been analyzed and   compared: the first one in CCl4 solution, the second   using nujol and fluorolubc suspensions and the third one using   thin films. The present work reveals that IR. Raman and VCD are   helpful complementary techniques to characterize chiral systems,   as terpenes. in different matrices.


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