Theodore Dibble - Towards a Consistent Chemical Kinetic Model of Electron Beam Irradiation of Humid Air. 

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  K. L. Schmitt, D. M. Murray, and T. S. Dibble.  Plasma Chem. Plasma Proc.,   29, 347-362   (2009).


  A chemical kinetic model has been assembled based upon previous   literature to assist in developing a better understanding of the   mechanism behind the electron beam irradiation of humid air.   Thermodynamic determination of the feasibility of particular   product sets was used to eliminate certain reactions proposed   previously, dynamical models were used to guide the choice of   product sets, and updated rate constants were obtained from the   current literature. Tracers were also used to determine   significant sources and sinks of hydroxyl radical, an important   species in the irradiation process. Modeling results for selected   species have been presented for 1 atm of air at 298.15 K and 50%   relative humidity, at doses of 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 kGy delivered   over 0.8 s. The concentrations of the most abundant ions,   radicals, and stable reaction products have been included, as   well as the calculated major sources and sinks of hydroxyl   radical.

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