Rafael Abargues - Ag and Au/DNQ-novolac nanocomposites patternable by ultraviolet lithography: a fast route to plasmonic sensor microfabrication

Document created by Rafael Abargues on Aug 22, 2014
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  J Marques-Hueso, R Abargues, J L Valdes, J P Martinez-Pastor   (2010) JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY 20: 35. 7436-7443


  In this work we report on a method to synthesize Ag-Au   nanoparticles/polymer nanocomposite patterns by UV lithography.   The photoresists are based on DNQ-novolac as the polymer matrix,   and Ag(I) and Au(III) salts as the nanoparticle precursors. After   UV lithography, silver and gold nanoparticles are in situ   synthesized inside the polymer patterns during a post bake. The   resulting structured nanocomposite shows a characteristic   absorbance spectrum related to the plasmon frequency of the   synthesized noble metal NPs. This method represents a fast,   simple and low-cost approach to the formation of extended polymer   patterns with embedded silver or gold NPs. Moreover, it is a   mechanism to position nanometric particles with micrometric   resolution, which represents a useful tool for nanoscience.   Furthermore, even with the polymeric cover, NPs plasmon resonance   is affected by the binding of some organic molecules. This   concept has been proven with 2-mercaptoethanol molecules, which   demonstrates the feasibility of localized surface plasmon   resonance chemo/biosensors by using the proposed technology.

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