Milica Gvozdenovic - Characterization of electrochemically synthesized PANI on graphite electrode for potential use in electrochemical power sources

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  Materials Chemistry and   Physics
    Volume 114, Issues 2-3,    15 April   2009,   Pages 939-942


  Polyaniline (PANI) on graphite electrode was synthesized   electrochemically under galvanostatic condition at current   density of 2.0 mA cm−2 from aqueous solution of 1.0   mol dm−3 HCl and 0.25 mol dm−3 aniline   monomer. Electrochemical characterization of the PANI electrode   was performed in 0.5 mol dm−3 HCl using cyclic   voltammetry and galvanostatic measurements. The overall charge   capacity of the PANI electrode was estimated to be 0.154 mAh   cm−2, which corresponds to 25% of the theoretical mass   of PANI available for doping exchange. It was observed that   during initial cyclization at low pH, the extent of PANI   degradation products was insignificant and practically had no   influence on the charge/discharge characteristics of the PANI   electrode.

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