Rafael Abargues - Au-PVA Nanocomposite Negative Resist for One-Step Three-Dimensional e-Beam Lithography

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  J Marques-Hueso, R Abargues, J Canet-Ferrer, S Agouram, J L   Valdes, J P Martinez-Pastor (2010) LANGMUIR 26: 4. 2825-2830


  An nanoparticles are synthesized in situ upon the electron beam   exposure of a poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) thin film containing   Au(III). The e-beam-irradiated areas are insoluble in water   (negative-tone resist), and AU-PVA nanocomposite patterns with a   variable profile along the structure can be thus generated (3D   lithography) in a single step. A local characterization of the   generated patterns is performed by high-resolution transmission   electron microscopy and UV-vis localized Surface plasmon   resonance microspectroscopy. This characterization confirms the   presence of crystalline nanoparticles and aggregates.

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