Milica Gvozdenovic - Electrochemical determination of glucose using polyaniline electrode modified by glucose oxidase

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      Food Chemistry
        Volume 124, Issue 1,    1 January   2011,   Pages 396-400


      Polyaniline (PANI) enzyme electrode was formed by immobilisation   of Glucose oxidase (GOx) via glutaraldehyde into   electrochemically polymerised PANI on graphite electrode.   Electrochemical polymerisation of PANI on graphite was performed   from aqueous solution of 1.0 mol dm−3 HCl and 0.25 mol   dm−3 aniline at constant current density of 2.0 mA   cm−2. Hronopotentiometric curves of the PANI enzyme   electrode obtained at current density of 10 μA cm−2  were recorded in different glucose concentrations. The linearity   response range was between 1.0 and 5.0 mmol dm−3 of   glucose concentration. The estimated apparent Michaelis–Menten   constant, was Km = 0.30 mmol   dm−3, which is significantly lower than that of free   enzyme.

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