Milica Gvozdenovic - Electrochemical polymerization and initial corrosion properties of polyaniline-benzoate film on aluminum

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      Progress in Organic Coatings
        Volume 65, Issue 3,    July 2009,     Pages 401-404


      Electrochemical synthesis of polyaniline (PANI) on aluminum   electrode from aqueous solution of 0.25 mol dm−3  aniline and 0.2 mol dm−3 sodium benzoate has been   investigated under potentiodynamic and galvanostatic conditions.   Initial corrosion behavior of aluminum and PANI coated aluminum   electrode exposed to 3% NaCl has been investigated using   electrochemical potentiodynamic and impedance spectroscopy   technique (EIS). It was shown that PANI coating initially provide   corrosion protection of aluminum, decreasing the corrosion   current density at least 15 times.

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