Todd Graham - Reactivity of Electrophilic -Phosphinidene Complexes Towards NHeterocyclic Carbenes: Synthesis of the First Main Group Element Adducts of ‘Abnormal’ Carbene Ligands

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      Graham, T. W.; Udachin, K. A.; Carty, A. J. Chem.   Commun. 2006, 2699


      The phosphinidene complexes   [Mn2(CO)8{μ-P(NiPr2)}]   and   [Co2(CO)4(μ-dppm){μ-P(NiPr2)}]   react with N-heterocyclic carbenes 1,3-bis(R)imidazol-2-ylidene   (R = tBu, adamantyl) to form   ‘abnormal’ carbene adducts, where the carbene is bound to the   phosphinidene fragment via C-4 instead of the expected   C-2.

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