Kikku Fukushima Winkler - Biodegradation of Poly (lactic acid) and its nanocomposites

Document created by Kikku Fukushima Winkler on Aug 22, 2014
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  K. Fukushima, C. Abbate, D. Tabuani, M. Gennari, G. Camino.   Polymer degradation and   Stability, 94, 1646-1655, (2009).


  PLA nanocomposites based on organically modified montmorillonites   at 5% w/w loading were prepared by melt blending using an   internal mixer and then degraded in a commercial compost. The   addition of nanoclays was found to increase the PLA degradation   rate, especially for the highest dispersed clay in the polymer   matrix. Biodegradation by microorganisms isolated from the   compost showed the bacterium Bacillus licheniformis as one of the   responsible for PLA biodegradation in compost. It was also found   that clays can influence the polymer bacterial degradation   depending on their chemical structure and affinity of the   bacterium towards the clay.

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