Tobias Rogosch - A classification of drug substances according to their mechanism of action. Pharmazie. 2004;59(8):579-89.

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      Imming P, Buss T, Dailey LA, Meyer A, Morck H, Ramadan M, Rogosch   T.

      Pharmazie. 2004;59(8):579-89.


      Different classification systems for therapeutic agents exist.   The most  commonly used one is the ATC Code (ATC: Anatomy,   Therapeutic properties,  Chemical, pharmacological   properties). Here, an alternative  classification system   (TCAT: Target-Chemistry-Anatomy-Therapy) is  proposed which   refers to the molecular mechanism of action or rather,    target. The main subgroups of targets are: enzymes;   substrates,  metabolies, proteins; receptors; ion channels;   transporter molecules and  systems; nucleic acids,   ribosomes; physicochemical mechanisms;  antigen-antibody   reactions; unknown targets. This target-oriented  approach   may be particularly useful in teaching advanced medicinal    chemistry.

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