Giuseppe Trunfio - Modelling the activity–stability pattern of Ni/MgO catalysts in the pre-reforming of n-hexane

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  F.   Arena, G. Trunfio, E.   Alongi, D. Branca, A.   Parmaliana. Applied catalysis A: General, 266 (2004)   155-162.


  The   activity–stability pattern of a 19 wt.% Ni/MgO catalyst in the   pre-reforming (T,   450 C;  P,   10 bar) of n-hexane   with steam (S/C, 1.5–3.5)   in   absence and presence of H2  (H/C, 2) has been   investigated. Deactivation profiles of the kinetics of   CH4  and   CO/CO2  formation   indicate that the activity,   selectivity and stability are closely related. Hydrogenation of   carbon species to methane is a critical step involving the   occurrence of coking in the pre-reforming of hexane.   Thermodynamic analysis of the outlet reaction stream signals that   the net coking rate depends upon the relative kinetics of carbon   methanation (MET, C + 2H2CH4)   and gasification/water–gas-shift (GAS,   C+H2OH2  +CO;   WGS, CO + H2OCO2  + H2)   reactions, while negligible appears the contribution of the   Bouduard reaction path (DISP, 2COC  + CO2). 






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