Giuseppe Trunfio - Evaluation of Electrode Performances of Single-Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

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  M. Hori, K. Nagasaka, M. Miyayama, G. Trunfio, E. Traversa.

  Key   Engineering Materials Vol. 301 (2006) 155-158.


  The interfacial   resistances of La1-xSrxCo1-yFeyO3-δ  (denoted   LSCF(10(1-x)/10x/10(1-y)/10y))


  cathodes, and the catalytic activities of a   Ni-Ce0.85Y0.15O1.925  (Ni-YDC) anode and   an LSCF(2/8/8/2)   cathode of a single-chamber solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) were   investigated. LSCF cathodes with high oxide ion conductivities   gave low interfacial resistances. LSCF cathodes with suitable   thermal expansion coefficients formed favorable interfacial   structures with a ceria-based electrolyte. Ni-YDC showed a higher   conversion efficiency for CH4  and a lower  selectivity for   CO



  2  than LSCF(2/8/8/2). The   single-chamber SOFC based on the Sm-doped ceria  electrolyte with the   Ni-YDC anode and LSCF(2/8/8/2) cathode showed a maximum power   density of 186 mW/cm2  at   800ºC.





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