Giuseppe Trunfio - Probing the factors affecting structure and activity of the Au/CeO2 system in total and preferential oxidation of CO

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  F.   Arena, P.   Famulari, G.   Trunfio, G.   Bonura,  F.   Frusteri, L. Spadaro.   Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 66 (2006)   81-91.


  The   effects of the preparation method (deposition–precipitation,   co-precipitation, incipient-wetness, combustion) and loading (1–5   wt.%) on the structure and redox features of the Au/CeO   2  system have been   probed by XRD, TEM and TPR techniques. The catalytic pattern in   total (TOX) and preferential   (PROX) CO oxidation has been assessed by temperature programmed   reaction tests in the range 273–473 K. Controlling surface area   and residual chlorine, the synthesis route determines the   strength of the Au–CeO2  interaction which,   reflecting in a hard reduction of the active  phase, hinders the CO   oxidation functionality. Chlorine removal by washing   treatment in diluted alkaline   solutions enables an easy reduction of the  active phase,   levelling off the TOX and PROX performance of the various   systems.

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