Giuseppe Trunfio - Basic Evidence of the Molecular Dispersion of MnCeOx Catalysts Synthesized via a Novel “Redox-Precipitation” Route

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  F.   Arena, G.   Trunfio, J.   *****, B.   Fazio, L. Spadaro.   Chemistry of Materials 19 (2007) 2269-2276.


  A   novel synthesis route driving redox-precipitation reactions among   MnVII,   CeIII,   and MnII  precursors 


  in basic aqueous solution yields MnCeOx  catalysts   (Mnat/Ceat,   0.33-2.0)   with a (quasi)molecular dispersion of the active   phase and enhanced textural properties in comparison to the   conventional coprecipitation method. The basic characteristics of   the redox-precipitation process leading to a solid architecture   missing a substantial “long-range” crystalline order are   discussed. With an excellent reproducibility and irrespective of   the Mnat/Ceat  ratio, the   redox-precipitation method also ensures unchanged textural,   structural, and chemical   properties of the MnCeOx  catalysts. As a   much improved dispersion of the active phase, the  redox-precipitation   route greatly promotes the redox behavior and the surface   affinity toward gas-phase oxygen of the MnCeO$x  system.



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