Giuseppe Trunfio - Improved MnCeOx Systems for the Catalytic Wet Oxidation (CWO) of Phenol in wastewater stream

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  F. Arena,

  J.   *****, A.   Parmaliana, L.   Spadaro, G. Trunfio.   Industrial and Engineering Chemical Results 46 (2007)   6724-6731


  The   effects of chemical composition, calcination temperature, and the   addition of potassium on the

  physicochemical   properties and reactivity of MnCeOx  systems in the   catalytic wet oxidation (CWO) of phenol    with oxygen (TR  )  373   K; PR  )  1.0   MPa; wcat/wphenol  )  5) have been   addressed. Characterization data of  “fresh”   and “spent” catalysts signal the occurrence of a typically   heterogeneous reaction path, the surface reaction between the   adsorbed intermediate(s), and activated oxygen species being the   rate-determining step (rds). Basic relationships among structural   properties, the redox pattern, and CWO activity provide evidence   of the main catalyst design requirements. A new synthesis route   based on the redox-precipitation   reactions of various Mn   and Ce precursors then yields MnCeOx  catalysts with   improved physicochemical features and superior CWO   activity, in comparison to conventional coprecipitated   systems.

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